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The nation that gave the world heroes of the faith such as Tyndale, Wycliffe, Carey, Taylor, Whitefield, Müller, Wesley and Spurgeon is now barely even religious, much less Christian. While 72% of the population claim to be Christian when polled, only 6% in England regularly attend church of any type. A little more than one percent of the population is Baptist. Most of the 2,300 Baptist churches there belong to the Baptist Union of Great Britain, a member of the ecumenical World Council of Churches. Approximately 20 churches would be considered independent, fundamental Baptist churches. By way of comparison, North Carolina is roughly the same size as England but has 583 independent, fundamental Baptist churches to minister to 10 million people. England has 56 million people.

English FlagTo il­lust­rate this break­down, the seg­ment­ed flag of England to the right would rep­re­sent the nation's total pop­u­la­tion. The five red squares bor­dered by orange in the cen­ter of the flag is the 6% of the pop­u­la­tion that con­sid­er them­selves "church­goers". The cen­ter­most red square is the per­cent­age of the population that claim Baptist affiliation of any sort. The tiny white square in the center of St. George's cross represents the Bible-believing, Bible-preaching fund­a­ment­al Bap­tist churches.

Archived Updates

Scott's Testimony

I made a profession of faith at eight years old, seeking to please my Sunday school teacher who had asked, "who wants to go to heaven?". I believed I was saved for another eight years, until I attended a dramatic presentation where the Rapture was depicted. A very good church-going boy with a similar account of conversion had convinced everyone else (and himself) that he was on his way to heaven—until in the twinkling of an eye he was left behind. Under Holy Spirit conviction, right there in my seat, on August 27, 1989, I repented of my sin, trusted Jesus Christ's death, burial and resurrection to take away my sin, and called on Him as Lord. I surrendered unconditionally to God's will for my life on January 19, 1990, and God directed me to Ambassador Baptist College to train for the ministry.

Previous ministry experience:

  • Ten years as a Christian school teacher
  • Three years as a youth pastor
  • Many years teaching Sunday school

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Tammy's Testimony

I had made a profession of faith when I was five years old. When I was 16, I was in a revival and realized that I had trusted only in the fact that I had prayed a prayer, but had not put my trust in the Lord. While on my way to piano lessons, I was under deep conviction. When I got home from piano lessons, I called Scott and told him what was going on in my heart. He went through the plan of salvation with me and led me to the Lord over the phone. The date was October 7, 1991 that I put my trust in Jesus Christ as my Savior.

I had surrendered to God's will for my life, and when I began dating Scott, I knew I needed to be willing to go wherever God called him. When we first visited England in 2016, we noted the lack of Bible-believing, Bible-practicing Baptist churches. I said to Scott then, "What if the Lord called you to be a pastor here?", potentially foreshadowing what would happen in just two years.

Previous ministry experience:

  • Twelve years as a Christian school teacher
  • Two years as a youth pastor's wife

Our Ministry

God has called us to the mission field of England to minister to a congregation that is primarily American. Suffolk County on the eastern coast is home to the tri-base area made up of RAF Lakenheath, RAF Mildenhall and RAF Feltwell. There are 10,000 active duty U.S. Air Force and U.S. civilian employees stationed there, accounting easily for 20,000 Americans when you factor in families.

30,000 English make their homes within a five-mile radius of the tri-base area.

Faith Baptist Church was organized in May 2017 and voted in the summer of 2018 to call me as its pastor. As we begin deputation, there is no pastor present there. This is why we feel such an urgency to get there: the people are as sheep having no shepherd. Your church would suffer without its pastor; it is no different for these families.

Our ministry there is primarily the same as churches here:

  • Win the lost, be they British or American
  • Baptize and disciple new believers
  • Ground them in the Word
  • Equip them to be functioning, productive members of the body of Christ
  • Prepare those men and women in the military to be faithful, contributing members of churches just like yours once they return to the States

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